What do marketers think about social media marketing platforms and their applications for their business?

Most of the people and most likely all of the readers of this blog know what is meant by social media marketing. But to make it official: social media marketing is business use of selected social media channels to understand customers and to engage them in communication and collaboration in ways that lead to the achievement of ultimate marketing and business goals. In other words, social media aims to create value for both, the company and the customer.

To avoid a painfully long blog post embedded with table charts about social media, you can check the most relevant statistics about social media in general from Mediabistro. (Recommended!)

Social media is a pretty vague term that entails various platforms, which can be harnessed for different marketing purposes and in different ways. I ran into an interesting survey made earlier this year (2014) by Social Media Examiner. It tells what the marketers think about the different social media platforms and their emphasis now and in the future: it also shows on which social media platforms the marketers are lagging behind and which ones they see as the trending ones:


What Marketers think about social media marketing. Adapted from Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 2014.

So what is the conclusion? The no-brainer is that all social media is trending, regardless the platform or use. The blustering of marketers suggests that that the marketers would have embraced and understood the importance of social media, but yet all of the marketers are lagging in  implementing and using the social media platforms in their marketing efforts. To me the one surprising fact was how trending is the Podcasting: the number of marketers that wanted to increase and invest in Podcasting activities was over three-fold compared to the amount of the actual users.

So what comes to social media marketing, marketers seem to have the will, but not the know-how. Fortunately, we are blessed with experts and consulting companies like Atkins Marketing Solutions, who have the know-how, and who can help the companies to excel in the trending social media marketing.




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