Why to automatize your marketing?

marketing automation

According to SalesForce, Marketing Automation is a technology that allows marketing and sales departments to create, deploy, and automate online marketing campaigns and sales activities that increase revenue and maximize efficiency.

Marketing automation helps in scheduling, segmentation and tracking of marketing campaigns and caters to efficient use of the company’s marketing resources. Marketing automation can also significantly reduce the faults and the inconsistencies in the company’s communications. Furthermore, marketing processes, when performed automatically, enable the company to allocate their resources to other tasks that cannot be automatized, such as planning and design.

If you are planning on investing to one, Jay Ivey from softwareadvice.com provides with a list of the best marketing automation software on the market. The list is based on the average rating of the software.

  1. SalesFusion
  2. eTrigue DemandCenter
  3. ActOn
  4. HatchBuck
  5. PlanPlus Online
  6. Oracle Eloqua
  7. Sales Achiever
  8. Pardot
  9. Marketo Lead Management
  10. Silverpop

The majority of solutions can be grouped into B2B and B2C solutions. The two groupings are very different and so are their functional needs, so make sure you communicate your needs to the service provider rigorously.

So what is that can you do with these automated marketing software and programs? To name a few, you can develop and implement email marketing campaigns, automate repetitive business tasks, create a database for present and potential customer, employ a web-based customer relationship management (CRM) campaign, use within a small business environment and develop an automated campaign to increase business sales.

All of the before mentioned tasks cater to better and more efficient Customer Relationship Management that can result in better lead conversion rates, bigger deals, higher team attainment of quota and better forecast accuracy. Marketing automation helps to nurture the customer relationship as the company approaches their customers frequently and with consistent message. Eventually marketing automation is all about simplifying the business world that is getting way too complex, much too quickly.






About tonikarkkainen

I am Toni Karkkainen 28 years old marketing prospect from Finland. I am Soon to be graduated as a Master's of Science in Economics and Business Administration, from Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland. I major in Strategy, Innovation and Sustainability and my two minors are of International Marketing Management and Strategic Management. I just finished my marketing minor in California State University in Fullerton, California and I am actively seeking for internship opportunities in the area. I am an innovation enthusiast and I have a natural curiosity in new trends and initiatives, especially when it comes to marketing and commerce in all of their respective channels. That is what I blog about is around these topics. I flag for open communication and sometimes I challenge to initiate discussion, thinking and exchange of ideas between people. I think a healthy self-critique is essential for the development of any individual or organization, including myself. I usually have lot of things to say, in good and in bad, but before this blog, I feel like I haven't had a proper forum to share and discuss about my thoughts. You are very welcome to comment and critique my posts, since they aren't necessarily "the absolute truths" about the topics, but rather my own opinions and thoughts on them. So be Brave! During my leisure time I go to gym, skate and surf, and I try to hang out with my friends always when I'm not busy with work and/or school. I am currently finishing up my studies in California State University where I have been studying for Strategic Internet Marketing, Retail Marketing Strategies, Marketing Information Technology and Consumer Behaviour. As mentioned, I'm in a search for a marketing internship, preferably in Los Angeles. Please see my LinkedIn and other social media platforms for my experience and contact information.
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